Beginner or Intermediate adult meditation courses led by externally accredited meditation teacher, Helen. Whether you are looking to try and de-stress a little, learn a new skill with like-minded people, or set up a daily meditation routine of your own, these courses aim to give you a great foundation. Call 07585 608177, or Contact Me for further information, or to enquire about registering for a course. Courses held in-person, at The Isbourne Wellbeing Centre in Cheltenham.

***Taking a break, and currently have no upcoming courses or classes planned. Apologies for any inconvenience***

Adult Beginner Course (An introduction to meditation) – This course is aimed at beginners, who have had little or no experience of mindfulness or meditation. The course of five x 1-hour sessions will cover a range of meditation types and techniques, and some basic information to get you started on your meditation journeys. The meditations will be reasonably short, and fully guided. If you have tried meditation before, but decided that it wasn’t for you, perhaps you will come away from this course with some knowledge of the different types and techniques of meditation and find one that suits you better. Whether you are looking to establish a daily practice for yourself, or simply want to try something new, this course aims to give you a good foundation.

£45 per adult per course.

Adult Intermediate Course (A deeper look at meditation) – This course of 5 x 1-hour sessions is designed to follow on from my Beginner Course, but can also be taken by those who have not attended the Beginner Course. It is aimed at those who may already have some knowledge of meditation, or perhaps even a basic daily practice of their own. A range of meditation types and techniques will be explored, and some information will be provided about each type, for a fuller understanding. On this course, the meditations will be a little longer and/or more advanced than those on the Beginner Course.

£45 per adult per course.


"Helen's group is well prepared. It is very insightful and interesting. There are a variety of different meditations and techniques to suit everyone. Helen is well educated and experienced. I enjoyed the group greatly. Thank you." Rhys, Cheltenham

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